Luvbites Account Explanation and Rules



The way the account system is a bit unique, we support both logging in through a LuvBites WordPress account made here on the site, and also support logging in through a Patreon account. While most of our galleries are only view able through a donating Patreon account we do have a few items that can be viewed through just a LuvBites WordPress account. And if you should decide to become a Patreon and want to carry over your LuvBites WordPress account, you can upgrade your account at any time in the Profile Editor!

So, to summerize!

-You need a account to view anything!

-If you want to switch from a LuvBites WordPress account to a donating Patreon account, you can either sign up with Patreon, or upgrade your account later in settings!

-If you have any issues at all post something on the forums! or email  e-mail

Next chat rules!
Enjoy the camp? Well then come and chat! But as with all camps there are some rules,

-Take RPs to the RP room.
-You must be 18+ both in real life, and in character to be in either room (as with all parts of this site)
-No link spamming/Stream spamming. We’re not here to act a promo vehicle for people to advertise
-No explicit photography-
-No god-mode-ing.
-And don’t get to personal! the LB chat is for fun LB times and anything you post there may be saved! Be careful out there!

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